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Oven cleaning

Bio oven cleaning is the safe and effective way to clean domestic ovens.
Bio oven cleaner works by using a carbon and grease digesting microbial treatment to break down deposits instead of harmful caustic chemicals.

Our method includes the use of hot water dip tanks for removable parts of your oven. We will treat the inside and scrub until gleaming, removed the panelling to the door or doors to clean between the glass. when done we will use our high powered, high temperature steamer to remove any food or fat build ups in hard to reach areas, like the hinges and grates. This will leave you oven not only clean to the eye, but sanitised,hygienic and ready to cook with.




Standard up to 600mm oven

Single Oven 600mm £65

Double Oven 600mm (Single oven with grill above). £75

Grill £20

ElectricHob £15

Gas Hob £18

Extractors £18

Oven trays/ roasting tins £3

Storage compartments £3.00


Large oven up to 900mm

Single oven 900mm wide £55

Half size oven up to 300mm wide £35

Grill 900mm wide £25
5 Burner Hob £20
6 to 8 Burner Hob. £25
Extractor 900mm. £20

Storage compartments £5.00



Single oven £50

Half oven £35

Grill or grill sized oven £25

5 Burner Hob £20

6 to 8 Burner Hob. £25



Standard £95

Additional ovens and hot plates £45

Extractor. £20

Storage compartments £7.00

Microwave (table top) £15

Microwave Oven. £20

For BBQ GRILLS and Whole BBQ please call for a quote


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